Hello World! I'm Spiral the Study Buddy

I’m your interactive learning partner! I was specially designed to help you to reach your educational goals in a new and exciting way! I am a smart mobile educational App, and I can determine your unique learning personality, and then provide you with customized content based on how you learn best.

With me, you have the advantage of learning flexibility, and the opportunity for successful scholastic growth! I am your study buddy and I will guide you all along the way by answering your questions and making suggestions. I can't wait to help you be a better learner!

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"I consider my dyslexia to be a humbling yet powerful motivation. While it may have presented me with greater challenges than some, it taught me that each of us learns in a different way. It is in the finding of this commonality with all learners, that I received the gift of empathy. Empathy for the challenges others face along their own educational paths, was the inspiration for the founding of my company, NuuED Inc. Finding a way to somehow ‘ease the burden’ of all learners is my daily incentive.
Spiral the Study Buddy is the culmination of my efforts and I am proud to share it with the world."
Derrick O'Neal - Founder of NuuED Inc. and Spiral the Study Buddy


To achieve academic success, you must be dedicated, disciplined, and driven, and also be wise enough to use any support services and educational tools available. Spiral the Study Buddy is a tool that will give you an educational edge.

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As a business owner, you understand how important it is to build the right team to manifest your vision, and drive your company to success. Investing in the education and training of your team members is a proven and effective way to increase efficiency, productivity, and profits.

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Learning for your career path can be overwhelming. NuuED Career makes you the center of your efforts toward career success. Spiral the Study Buddy will help you learn at your own pace, and in your own way.

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"NuuED has indeed introduced an essential tool and platform to the world of learning with its Spiral the Study Buddy app. Using advanced cognitive technology, Spiral the Study Buddy provides students with a virtual learning assistant, as well as a champion for their achievement.

Personalized learning, once popularized by Gardner’s breakthrough theory on multiple intelligences, is the goal post for many educators. NuuED appears, deservingly, to have positioned itself to lead the future in the market space.

I look forward to seeing the responses of both students and instructors as Spiral the Study Buddy seeks to become a "must have" companion at our fingertips."
Ahmad Mansur - Dean, Workforce Development at Merritt College / Leadership Development

Who We Are

NuuED Inc. is a dedicated and driven team of Parents, Guardians, Educators, and Learners who are committed to helping you to achieve your educational, career, and business goals. Our company was founded on the premise that as unique individuals, each of us learns differently.

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"Quite simply, by harnessing the power of learning and maximizing comprehension, the Spiral Study Buddy by NuuED is positively and exponentially changing the face of modern learning as we know it."Casey A. Marx. - CEO, Crown Haven, Founder, Muktown Ventures, Avid Learner

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02/08/2016 Oakland, CA (Newswire.com)

NuuED Secures $3 Million in Funding From DuKlaw Ventures

NuuED Inc., the advanced technology education company with the power to assist learners based on their unique learning styles, today announced a $3 million financing deal with Swiss-based DuKlaw Ventures. DuKlaw Ventures led the investment effort with participation from German-based Deutsche Gruppe.

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03/24/2016 Oakland, CA (Newswire.com)

NuuED Announces Spiral™ Release

NuuED Inc., the advanced technology education company with the power to assist learners based on their unique learning and social styles, today, announced the release dates for its Spiral™ App Version 1.0. This product will commence distribution April 25, 2016 to the over 600,000 pre-subscribed customers. Thereafter, the Spiral™ App Version 1.0 will be available for download via the various NuuED Inc. distribution partners and sites.

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