NuuED Achievements


To achieve academic success, you must be dedicated, disciplined, and driven, and also be wise enough to use any support services and educational tools available.

Spiral the Study Buddy is a tool that will give you an educational edge. It becomes your learning partner by monitoring your progress and rewarding your efforts, with cash, scholarship funds, gifts, and shareable NuuED Smart Help™ badges. Spiral can provide you with worksheets, key facts, practice tests, and other materials, that are tailored to you and your individual needs. It also has the capability to connect you with resources like those found in your local libraries and tutoring centers.

"Spiral the Study Buddy by NuuED is an imaginative take on the learning process.

Empirical evidence dictates that every unique individual - regardless of age, race, faith, gender, or socioeconomic status- processes, understands, and retains new information in an equally unique way.

Spiral the Study Buddy has made what scholars have known for some time as a causal relationship- that how well we learn new information depends largely on whether or not that information is shared with us with our ideal learning style- a reality.

Quite simply, by harnessing the power of learning and maximizing comprehension, the Spiral the Study Buddy by NuuED is positively and exponentially changing the face of modern learning as we know it."

Casey A. Marx - CEO, Crown Haven, Founder, Muktown Ventures, Avid Learner


As a business owner, you understand how important it is to build the right team to manifest your vision, and drive your company to success. Investing in the education and training of your team members is a proven and effective way to increase efficiency, productivity, and profits. As individuals, each member of your team learns differently. Spiral Business Training supports your efforts to maximize the contributions of each of your team members by the further development of their skills and abilities. We provide educational training, information, tools, and services, which are customized to each team member and their unique learning style.

"I see my employees struggle at times when we have trainings. I see difficulties in transitioning trainings into real world results for our team members also. We spend a lot of money on training our employees/teams. With NuuED's Spiral the Study Buddy, it will be great to finally have a way to assure much greater success for our team, company and clients."

Thomas Liu, Senior Manager - Palo Alto, CA


Learning for your career path can be overwhelming. NuuED Career makes you the center of your efforts toward career success. Spiral the Study Buddy will help you learn at your own pace, and in your own way. This innovative and individualized approach to career learning empowers you to be more successful in your certification studies, career training, scholastic research, or educational courses.

"NuuED has indeed introduced an essential tool and platform to the world of learning with its Spiral the Study Buddy app. Using advanced cognitive technology, Spiral the Study Buddy provides students with a virtual learning assistant, as well as a champion for their achievement.

Personalized learning, once popularized by Gardner’s breakthrough theory on multiple intelligences, is the goal post for many educators. NuuED appears, deservingly, to have positioned itself to lead the future in the market space.

I look forward to seeing the responses of both students and instructors as Spiral the Study Buddy seeks to become a "must have" companion at our fingertips."

Ahmad Mansur - Dean, Workforce Development at Merritt College / Leadership Development