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NuuED Secures $3 Million in Funding From DuKlaw Ventures 02/08/2016

Oakland, Ca (

NuuED Inc., the advanced technology education company with the power to assist learners based on their unique learning styles, today announced a $3 million financing deal with Swiss-based DuKlaw Ventures. DuKlaw Ventures led the investment effort with participation from German-based Deutsche Gruppe.

The DuKlaw Ventures financing builds on NuuED’s financing, growth and product launch road map for 2016. The effort will deliver the NuuED Spiral™ App to over 500,000 pre-subscriber customers. This early stage company has amassed a user base that is growing at a pace of 30,000 per week.

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NuuED Announces Spiral™ Release03/24/2016

Oakland, CA (

NuuED Inc., the advanced technology education company with the power to assist learners based on their unique learning and social styles, today, announced the release dates for its Spiral™ App Version 1.0. This product will commence distribution April 25, 2016 to the over 600,000 pre-subscribed customers. Thereafter, the Spiral™ App Version 1.0 will be available for download via the various NuuED Inc. distribution partners and sites.

The NuuED Spiral™ is a smart mobile educational App that is a fun, interactive tool to determine a person's learning personality. This App provides educational material, information, tools, games, and resources in the style best suited for the users' learning personalities. Also, this App continues to help with learning while monitoring progress and providing rewards. More, the NuuED Spiral™ App is available on any platform - tablet, Smartphone or computer with internet access. The NuuED Spiral™ provides services in a socially safe, responsible, and secure environment for Learners, Parents, Educators, Facilitators, Trainers, Practitioners, Employers, Guardians, and more. Version 1.0 provides the basic features free of charge and is oriented for learners 6th grade through college.

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NuuED and AKYUMEN Creates Innovation in Education 03/10/2015

Barcelona and Madrid, Spain (PRWEB)

NuuED, the company that enables the understanding of knowing with simple and powerful tools for learning, has engaged Akyumen Technologies Corp to provide uniquely configured smartphones and smart tablets for users of the NuuED services in the education market. This unique combination of technologies and services will provide a highly differentiated and innovative opportunity for learners, educators and guardians that will catapult both companies to the forefront in education services and technologies. Both companies anticipate that this unique technological and service combination will allow market growth estimated in the millions of users.

Derrick O'Neal, co-founder of NuuED, said "Including the Akyumen products in our market offering will increase our service reach and market appeal."

NuuED provides highly innovative services based on simple to use and powerful technologies that enable the users to more easily attain an understanding of the knowledge needed in the various subjects.

Akyumen provides advanced mobile technologies that incorporate sophisticated embedded projection capabilities, optimization of resources and market leading capacity and processing. This coupled with a growing ecology of services and content is creating significant market growth in Asia, EMEA, the Americas and MENA.

Jane Lin, Vice President of Akyumen, said, "We believe that the NuuED platform will enhance the Akyumen value in the education market and lead the way for the main stream adoption of these unique and innovative technologies."

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Message from the Desk of Dr. Sharon L Burton 04/19/2016

Learning and development are fundamental to success. Learning can be as challenging as it is exhilarating. Focused learning drives success. NuuED Inc.’s educational APP, Spiral the Study Buddy is a resource to help learners succeed. The APP is an incredible benefit to users, as they will have the opportunity to search for information according to their learning and social styles. Gaining knowledge within a comfortable arena will help learners better acclimate to their learning atmosphere. Additionally, this academic tool can aid learners in feeling more joy and confidence about their abilities and capabilities to strive and succeed in the learning environment. This self-confidence aids in preparation, development, and maintaining an eye on the end goal, which is learning.

Dr. Sharon L. Burton is a quality systems management driven, organizational development, learning & change management professional, speaker, and author. Her publications can be located on, as well as,,,, and IGI-global publications.