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General Questions

How does ED Analysis work?
After you select your education level during Registration, ED Analysis presents a series of questions that are used to establish a baseline or guideline customized for you. Each question has multiple choice answers represented by images.

Your selection of answers is scored according to the education level and each is compiled into cluster groupings which are represented by Learning Personality, Cognitive Skills, Environment Factors, and Education Indicators.

The groupings are made up of a total of 18 categories, each with its own score based on your baseline answers. Each category is an area that you can use for improving skills and education levels. All of these scores combine with algorithms to determine your Education Credit Score™.

How is the Education Credit Score™ calculated?
The Education Credit Score™ is comprised of 18 scoring categories which are associated with 4 cluster groupings. Each cluster group has inter-related values and weighting factors that are utilized by the calculation logic of the system to produce an overall baseline number represented in the Education Credit Score™.
How does Dynamic Recommended Content work?
Dynamic Recommended Content or DRC is a focused and customized query system that searches the large repositories of Microsoft, Google and others for links to content that provide tools, information, services and other useful items for your review and potential use.

In NuuED Score, the DRC is customized to your education level and then filtered by the 18 categories used to calculate the Education Credit Score™.

In the English Reading Solution, the DRC is customized to your education level, then filtered for content related to reading and comprehension and then filtered again by the 5 categories in the Learning Personality grouping.

The DRC refreshed its content for you each time you view it with millions of searches executed each second and leveraging cognitive AI methodologies and technologies to provide you with your personal search engine for education improvement goals.

Why do I see other education grade levels along with my education grade level in the DRC provided content links?
Some content has multiple ranges of education level applicability. For example, you can be in education level “Middle School” and there will be content from DRC that covers K-12, so Middle School is part of that query result and you get more than if the system discriminated only for Middle School thus leaving out potentially useful information for you.
Why do I see multiple categories in the DRC tabs when each tab indicates just one category?
Some content has multiple ranges of category applicability. For example, you can be in a tab for Visual learners and there will be content from DRC that covers Aural as well, so Aural is part of that query result and you get more than if the system discriminated only for Visual thus leaving out potentially useful information for you.
Is the content in each category tab related to my score for that category?
No. The content in each tab category is related to that category within your education level. Your score is an indicator from 0 to 100 that provides you with a baseline to measure improvement or to know where you are on the scale of the baseline.
How accurate is the scoring?
The system calculates the scores to 4 decimal places and rounds up to 2 or 0 depending on presentation.
What is happening when the green ‘spinner’ is active after answering a question or taking the next step in the ED Analysis or Viewing reports?
The green ‘spinner’ indicates that there is a process happening and in some cases it may take 10 to 15 seconds since its information is being moved between your device and the NuuED system via internet.
What is happening if the next step takes an unreasonably long period of time?
In rare cases, there can be a slowdown of communications or even a disconnection due to connection problems via Wi-fi or your mobile device telecommunications service. These things happen to all of us from time to time so if it happens to you try to come back and login again.


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